Photography by  Vicki Zhou .

Photography by Vicki Zhou.

Hello, and (for those who are just getting to know me), I'm Lindsey.

This website was originally created as a collection of my professional experiences & work history, an online resume, if you will. Since moving away from my hometown (Edmonton, Alberta) to the first city I ever lived in alone (Vancouver, British Columbia) and to my current home (Toronto, Ontario), it has now become a place for me to tell my stories for friends, family, & anyone else who cares to read.

I am a self-proclaimed work + career enthusiast, always in pursuit of the Extraordinary.

I share about the choices I have made/am making/will make, and the stories reasons behind them. (Perhaps, at times, as cautionary tales!) Some would say I am an open book. My struggles, my successes, and everything in between are all a part of my journey. And I hope my stories will help others examine their own lives from new perspectives.