Pumpkin Snaps


For the second year in a row, I did not go home for one of my favourite holidays, but I was lucky enough (again) to get to celebrate it some new friends & soon-to-be family.

I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so everyone knows about our engagement. But on top of that, my parents came to visit & also had the chance to meet Will’s parents, as well! It was kind of funny because his mum & stepdad actually commented on how the only people who looked stressed out at our table of 6 was the 2 of us. In our defense, we had been up late for a couple of nights the week leading up to that dinner, and a couple of late evenings at work.

My parents didn’t get to stay for Thanksgiving, but we did get to have dinner with them a couple of nights the week they were with us. You could argue we had some mini-Thanksgiving feasts with my dad’s extended family (who live in the GTA and his cousin who was visiting with his wife & 2 kids) and his friends (whom he hasn’t seen in over 30 years).

On top of that, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Will’s family and his uncle & his uncle’s girlfriend who came to visit all the way from France. They’d only ever seen Thanksgiving on TV shows and movies, so we laid out the whole spread for them—including a pumpkin pie I made from scratch! (Yes, I will share a recipe!) It was a really nice way for them to wrap up their visit in Canada and we got to announce our engagement to them just before dinner. An all-around lovely family gathering!

And of course, we got to join some new friends for dinner on the day-of (Canadian) Thanksgiving! Our dinner hosts and another family of 3 were from the US; the husbands were transferred to Toronto for 2-year contracts. Always great to make some new friends and be a part of their ‘first’ Canadian experiences!

And that was that; Thanksgiving is over, but pumpkin season is not! I have some leftover purée in the fridge and I thought I’d make use of it in something other than a pie.

I found this recipe for pumpkin snickerdoodles via Pinterest the other day. I’m not totally sure what differs a snickerdoodle from a snap, but these remind me an awful lot of gingersnap cookies. My colleagues (and Will’s) couldn’t get enough of them! They’re soft & chewy with just the right amount of flavour.

A couple of my own notes.

  • I decided to forgo the cinnamon-sugar coating because I didn’t feel the need for extra sugar (and they were really tasty without that extra sugar).

  • I found it worked best for me to roll the dough into balls about 1- or 1 1/2-inch wide in diameter then press them between my palms gently to flatten.

  • I used the same temperature per the recipe, but I baked mine for 13 to 15 minutes. Every oven is a little different, so just keep an eye on them around the 10-minute mark!

Happy pumpkin season!