2018: Finishing the Year in Toronto

About 2 years ago, I was getting a little emotional because I had been in Vancouver alone for 6 months and my boss told me I would probably have to stay at the office through the holidays. Granted, I had done 1 or 2 long weekend trips back to Edmonton, but I was homesick and the dreary, rainy weather—classic Vancouver—wasn’t helping the situation. 

Luckily, we managed to hire someone who trained quickly enough to manage the office alone, so I didn’t have to spend the holidays alone in Vancouver; I managed to fly back to Edmonton for the week instead & delayed the inevitable for another year. That is, the fact that I would eventually not be in Edmonton for the holidays—for the first time ever.

Dramatic, I know. But these last 2 1/2 years have eyeopening in the best of ways. (More on this later...probably.) I guess I didn’t realize how attached to Edmonton, to my family, I really am.

2018 was a big year, to say the least. In just under 1 month, Will & I will reach the 1-year anniversary of our first meeting. Here’s a brief summar to quickly retrace our last 12 months.



We met at through mutual friends at a birthday party. My former roommate is also from Paris and was invited to a/Will’s friend’s birthday which was at a small bar in downtown Toronto. (The memory of which was so unfortunate we shall never visit that establishment ever again.)


We officially started dating shortly after my birthday/my mum’s visit. Will came to my 24th birthday which was at a French-inspired cocktail bar—a low-key affair with about 20 friends I’d made over the course of the year in Toronto.


Our first mini-getaway together was Niagara Falls on Easter long weekend where we stayed in a fabulously flamingo-pink Airbnb. Will took me to the butterfly conservatory for the first time & I made him go on long walks in the (freezing) cold with me.


(I think) Mother’s Day was when I first met his mum & family. (I feel kinda terribly for not remembering exactly.) We spent the weekend with his family in a small town outside of Toronto and I survived the overnight visit with their 2 lovely cats; thank-you, Reactine!

June & July

Will came back with me to Alberta for a week & we went to a family wedding. He had never been to the Rockies before, nor any further west than Ontario, so we took him to the mountains where he discovered what an outhouse was & went whitewater rafting for the first time. He met my crazy family & friends and was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” (for his good-looking-ness) and “Princess” (for his lack of outdoorsyness).


With the help of some family & gentle nudges from me, Will proposed with a custom made ring around Thanksgiving when my parents were in town visiting. By this point, I had unofficially moved in, but we had made enough adjustments that his space was mine & my parents stayed with the both of us. This was the first time our parents had ever met, and we’re eagerly waiting for our brothers to meet, as well!


I officially gave up my apartment downtown and Will & his parents helped me move into his place. The commute is not as great for me anymore, but it’s about halfway between our offices and the landlord & cost of rent are quite nice!


Our first Christmas (and soon-to-be New Year) together! A little bittersweet because it is also my first holiday season away from Alberta. We spent Christmas with his family & they introduced me to raclette—yum! 

And there you have it! Tonight, we will be wrapping up this incredible year by counting down in Toronto. (Honestly, we would’ve both been happy going to bed early, but I thought it’d be nice if we went out at least once for New Year’s Eve together!)

Happy new year to all of our friends & family! We cannot wait to spend more time with you in 2019.