All photography provided by Vicki Zhou.

I am driven by my sense of curiosity, to learn and know more about my clients & solve their problems.


my background

I am a young professional & proud Canadian who has lived in (so far) Edmonton & Vancouver.

Growing up, I was raised to be fiercely independent...

(I was never to be 'that girl' who was lost & helpless in the middle of a snowstorm.)

...of service to others...

(Family obligations always comes first, and do for others what I would expect to be done for me.) value education...

(Knowledge is power; be resourceful because every opportunity is a learning opportunity.)

...and to be the best in anything I choose to do.

(Always set the bar high, rise to the challenge, and exceed expectations.)

Before I finished my Bachelor of Arts in English and Women's & Gender Studies, I worked in various customer service roles: retail, hospitality, et cetera. For reasons I didn't understand at the time, I was really good at my jobs; I never had a problem getting hired, customers loved me, and my sales numbers were always on top. But I knew I enjoyed the interactions with my customers and building relationships with them. I loved hearing their stories, learning about who they were and what made them unique.

When I first joined the staffing & recruitment industry, I was putting people to work with industrial & commercial businesses in a blue collar city. Eventually, I moved to a new city, market, and I started with an agency that was just starting up & less than a year old in the downtown-core. I was driving business forward by prospecting, establishing relationships, and providing great customer service (all the things I love to do), plus performing interviews and finding my candidates work in administrative roles.

Today, I continue to help companies succeed by finding the great talent who best fit their company cultures. I also strive to help candidates put their best foot forward & make memorable first impressions, and help businesses develop strategic relationships with their prospects.

It's about developing a


that connects with its